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Doug Henderson III Memorial Fund was established
                             in honor of Doug Henderson III, who was diagnosed in
                             2002 with synovial sarcoma, a rare form of soft tissue
                             cancer. After a valiant fight against the disease, Doug
                             passed away on September 6, 2003. Doug approached
                             his battle with cancer with the same determination
                             that he approached everyday life. He gave 100% to
                             his fight, just as he did with his education, he career,
                             and his relationships with friends and family. His
                             family and friends made a commitment to continue
                             to make a difference in the fight against this disease.
                             In April 2004, a charitable fund in Doug’s name was
                             established to support various charities, including
                             the Langdale Hospice House, LAMP, Habitat for
                             Humanity, FCA, Boys and Girls Club, Birthright,
                             South Georgia House of Hope, The Lowndes County
                             Partnership for Cancer Fund, and the Partnership for
                             Health Fund. It has provided over 175 scholarships
                             to young people in our community. To date, the Fund
                             has contributed over $375,000 to local organizations
                             and individuals. Visit our Facebook Page for more

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