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Jared and I had been chatting for
                                    several weeks off and on. He was
                                    busy traveling for work. One day, I
                                    asked him “are you sure you have
                                    time to date?” I guess our first date
                                    went well because we had 5 dates in
                                    a week and a half before I left to go
                                    home for Christmas. Fast forward
                                    to a year of wonderful, thoughtful
                                    dates later. While family and friends
                                    were giving him grief over why he
                                    had not proposed yet, Jared had
                                    already made plans to meet with
                                    the Steels. While I ate lunch with
                                    Elizabeth Steel, Jared was meeting
                                    with Adam & Nicole in their home
                                    to pick out my ring. I love every
                                    part of our story! He proposed on
                                    January 15 on a beautifully lit bridge
                                    overlooking downtown Nashville,
                                    Tennessee. He left no detail undone
                                    including a paid photographer, a gift
                                    of a puppy he rescued for us, as well
                                    as a gorgeous ring. We planned our
                                    wedding for Memorial Day weekend
                                    in Nashville. We wanted everyone
                                    to see where we fell in love and
                                    enjoy a fun weekend getaway. Our
                                    brunch wedding in a music venue,
                                    The Listening Room, was indeed a
                                    perfect day. God uniquely designed
                                    every part of our story from our
                                    meeting, to understanding each
                                    other’s loss of a parent, to our love
                                    of SEC football, and our ability to
                                    be vulnerable and silly with each
                                    other. We can’t wait to see what
                                    adventures we will take on together
                                    next. “I Love You More”

        Mr. and Mrs. Jared Petry

                  (Heather Butler)

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