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What Women Want Wednesday

December 7 Mark your calendar for the GNO you don’t want to miss!!
Schedule your sitters early because this night will be the best yet. More
jewelry, more giveaways, and more fun! Also, the perfect time to update

                              your wish list for Santa!

                                   Men’s Night

                          December 12 Something special just for the guys!! Celebrating the holidays
                           in true Steel’s style...this event seems to get better every year. Burgers and brats
                             on the grill, and great giveaways that only guys like. Mark your calendars!

                 Steel’s Brides

We LOVE our Steel’s Brides!! If you recently became engaged or said “I Do”
with a ring from Steel’s, we would love to feature you in our Facets magazine.
Email your engagement or wedding pictures in high resolution to rebekah@ with the couple’s names and date. It’s really that simple!!

                               Steel’s Supermodels

                              There are two ways to become a Steel’s Supermodel. Women are often
                              recommended by previous models who have enjoyed the experience prior.
                              We also love when women volunteer, because we know it is a long but
                              super fun day! Thank you to all the new recommendations and volunteers
                              that have come along recently, and thanks to LHP for the images. We

                                            hope to have fun with this for many more years :)

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