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Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stephen    When people ask how we met, we
                                    usually keep things simple and say “at
                  (Erica Grainger)  a wedding,” but here is the real story.
                                    Daniel and I attended a wedding of
8 | Steel’s Jewelry Facets          mutual friends, separately. He saw
                                    me sitting at a table alone “in a red
                                    dress” (he likes to add), and due to
                                    unforeseen circumstances, we never
                                    actually talked at the wedding.
                                    However, Daniel found out who I
                                    was through a mutual friend and
                                    added me on Facebook later that
                                    night. Two weeks later, Daniel
                                    messaged me saying that he saw me
                                    at the wedding, and was wondering
                                    if he could get to know me over
                                    coffee. One thing led to another and
                                    Daniel made the grueling trek from
                                    Valdosta, Georgia to Atlanta, where
                                    we talked over coffee for three hours.
                                    On Labor Day, he drove up again for
                                    our first “real” date, where we went
                                    hiking, ate our favorite Italian food,
                                    and went to the movies. After that,
                                    I found myself making the trip down
                                    to Valdosta to visit Daniel for the
                                    first time. It was then when Daniel
                                    told me that he wanted to pursue me
                                    with the intentions of marriage. Nine
                                    months later, I moved to Valdosta to
                                    be with him. He proposed on Labor
                                    Day on our one year anniversary. We
                                    were married that following April
                                    at a private estate, Shiloh Farms,
                                    in Hahira, the same place where
                                    Daniel proposed. Our friends and
                                    family would agree that it is crazy
                                    the way our relationship has come
                                    about but it is truly God’s work at
                                    hand. We are full of immeasurable
                                    joy as we embrace this new chapter
                                    as husband and wife! ​
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