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Mr. and Mrs. Parker Megow  Parker and I have known each other
                                 our whole lives. When people ask
                  (Anna Godwin)  how we met, we cannot tell them
                                 because neither of us remembers.
72 | Steel’s Jewelry Facets      Our parents have been friends
                                 since before we were born, and we
                                 grew up going on trips together and
                                 playing at each other’s houses. In
                                 middle school and high school we
                                 frequently went to events and dances
                                 as a couple. Parker told people when
                                 we were in middle school that he
                                 was going to marry me. Because we
                                 were so young at the time no one
                                 took him seriously. How surprised
                                 everyone must have been to receive
                                 the wedding invitations! However,
                                 it was not until both of us were in
                                 college that our relationship became
                                 serious. We found that the more
                                 we sought the Lord, the more our
                                 love for each other strengthened.
                                 He proposed in February one night
                                 while we were at home church. We
                                 were so excited and could not wait
                                 to get married! When June finally
                                 came, we were both ready to become
                                 husband and wife. We got married
                                 in June at Quail Branch and boy was
                                 it warm out that day, warm with love
                                 and the summer’s heat. Looking
                                 back on it all it is amazing how the
                                 Lord orchestrated everything. There
                                 is nothing like being married to the
                                 one the Lord intended for me to
                                 marry. We knew each other for so
                                 long it has been so fulfilling to finally
                                 be together as one. Being married
                                 has helped us understand how much
                                 the Lord wants to be united to the
                                 church again! We are so thankful
                                 and so happy the Lord brought us
                                 together! Our marriage gets better
                                 every day, and we are excited to see
                                 where the Lord leads us next.
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