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The stars aligned when Wade
                                                                                           and I met. I was a senior at
                                                                                           VSU and Wade had recently
                                                                                           moved back to Valdosta. We
                                                                                           met on a Saturday night while
                                                                                           celebrating friends’ birthdays.
                                                                                           Nikki and Ryan Johnson, mutual
                                                                                           friends, played matchmaker. We
                                                                                           instantly hit it off and went on
                                                                                           a date four days later. Wade was
                                                                                           nervous there may be awkward
                                                                                           silence. Little did he know, I
                                                                                           would chat his ear off until the
                                                                                           restaurant closed! It was the
                                                                                           perfect first date! Wade’s charm
                                                                                           and sense of humor influenced
                                                                                           me to stick around my college
                                                                                           town and make it our forever
                                                                                           home. After three and a half fun
                                                                                           years of dating, Wade proposed
                                                                                           in Savannah with my family
                                                                                           there to celebrate. Steel’s Jewelry
                                                                                           helped Wade reset a beautiful
                                                                                           diamond that once belonged
                                                                                           to his grandmother. We had a
                                                                                           Christmas 2015 wedding and are
                                                                                           looking forward to celebrating
                                                                                           one year of marriage!

       Mr. and Mrs. Wade Henry

                (Annabelle Barbour)

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